InterContinental Park Lane London
4th December 2017


under the auspices of the
Minister for Tourism, Minister of Economy & Development
and the Embassy of Greece in the UK


After years of challenging circumstances, Greece is on a recovery path. A fundamental factor in setting the growth engine at full throttle is attracting foreign investment.

In a country abounding with opportunities, tourism is the sector that stands out. Even during the last difficult years tourism has been steadily offering high yields for investors, underpinned by the country’s climate, quality hospitality services and highly qualified personnel, among other competitive advantages.

The “Investment Opportunities in Greek Tourism & Healthcare 2017” workshop brings to London a number of the most reliable and resilient Greek companies active in the tourism market.

They are companies eager to present some of the opportunities the country has to offer and to exploit to its fullest the potential of Greek tourism; including health tourism, as Greece has quickly become one of the most trusted destinations for wellness holidays.

The workshop will be held at London’s Intercontinental Park Lane on 4th December 2017. It is organised by Topology Media Ltd, a UK company and Tourism Today Ltd, under the auspices of the Minister for Tourism, the Minister of Economy and Development and the Embassy of Greece in the UK.

Workshop aim

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate a better first-hand understanding of the Greek tourism and healthcare market opportunities for potential investors.

There will be 15 Greek companies participating at the workshop, each with their own space, ready to present their activities and portfolios and answer any query.

Private appointments are available to pre-arrange.
Please contact us for available slots per participating company.


This invitation has been extended to more than 190 investors and professionals in London, including fund managers, investment bankers, real estate investors, health tourism facilitators, private medical insurance firms.

Greek companies

The Greek companies participating will be banks, real estate firms, high-end tourism projects representatives, public institutions managing tourism property, hotels, private hospitals, thermal springs managing companies and others.


The face-to-face presentations and meetings between Greek companies and UK guests will be followed by a few short speeches by government officials, entrepreneurs and independent analysts with a good overall picture of the Greek economy and more specifically its tourism market.

A free ticketed lunch reception will follow and the day will close with further private meetings and a drinks reception at the hotel.